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Language Shower
Contributors Takashi Iba, Mami Sakamoto
Last modification May 16, 2017
Source Iba & Sakamoto (2011)[1]; Iba (2010)[2]; Köppe & Nijsten (2012)[3]
Pattern formats OPR Alexandrian
Learning domain

Also Known As: Shower of Language (Shower of Language)[2]

Submerge yourself in the environment where you inevitably have exposure to the language you want to master.
Language Shower-OG.png

“There is no way to stop sound and have sound.” — Walter J. Ong


You want to be good at listening and reading in a language.

▼In this context

To master languages is tough.

• The sense of a language is much affected by the nature and culture where it is used.
• The stock of expressions enables you to convey what you want to say.
• It takes a long time to master a language.

Set up your environment where you always listen and read in the target language.

• If you want to master a foreign language, set up your environment, for example, using mobile media, and to continue listening to and reading it.
• Then, make rules to use the language every day, for example, just listen to an online radio broadcast or audio book in the background. Making a physical record of your learning activities as Tangible Piles (Tangible Piles) is a good way to maintain your motivation.


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