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Thinking in Action
Contributors Takashi Iba, Mami Sakamoto
Last modification June 6, 2017
Source Iba & Sakamoto (2011)[1]; Iba (2010)[2]
Pattern formats OPR Alexandrian
Learning domain

Creating prototypes or diving into fields deepens your thinking.
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“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”— Walt Disney

“The only source of knowledge is experience.” — Albert Einstein


You have been studying by reading books, articles, or other written materials.

▼In this context

It is difficult to get out of the situation when you are stuck.

• It is not easy to change your understanding without interaction between you and your environment.
• It is difficult to foresee all of possible challenges before carrying out your plan.
• Creation and practice make you aware of your limitations.


Deepen your thought process by making prototypes and doing fieldwork.

• Making prototypes with easily manipulated medium by Prototyping (Iba and Sakamoto) (Prototyping (Iba and Sakamoto)), and you will improve your ideas and gain new insight.
• Acquire knowledge from doing fieldwork by Field Diving (Field Diving), and the knowledge will help you to deepen your thoughts.


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