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Ambox important.svg.png The wiki is currently under development. Please check back for updates.

If you would like to collaborate with us in developing the wiki, feel free to contact us.

Welcome to the Open Repository for Online Learning System Patterns!

Here you will find collections of design patterns for online learning systems, a list of environments and domains they have been used in, and evaluations of their performance in actual use. More importantly, this Wiki serves as a portal for collaborating with others in the production and refinement of online learning system design patterns.

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    • Contribute Patterns
    • Description of how to contribute your own design patterns to the repository.
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  • Design patterns icon.png
    • Design Patterns
    • List of design patterns contributed into the open pattern repository. Some patterns were produced using data analysis, while others were generated using traditional pattern mining and pattern writing methods.
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  • Online learning systems icon.png
    • Online Learning Systems
    • List of online learning systems that have been or can be used for data collection and analysis, for applying design patterns, or for evaluating design patterns.
  • Data icon.png
    • Data
    • List of data collected from online learning systems that have been used or can be used as mining grounds for pattern production.
  • Data analysis icon.png
    • Data Analysis
    • List of analysis conducted on collected data that have been used or can be used in mining for patterns.