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Creative Project
Contributors Takashi Iba, Mami Sakamoto
Last modification May 17, 2017
Source Iba & Sakamoto (2011)[1]
Pattern formats OPR Alexandrian
Learning domain

Learn through actively creating, rather than through rote memorization.
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“Acquiring is always secondary, and instrumental to the act of inquiring” — John Dewey

“The true delight is in the finding out rather than in the knowing.” — Isaac Asimov

“All the world is a laboratory to the inquiring mind.” —Martin H. Fischer


You have started to learn, and you want more intellectual excitement.

▼In this context

Maybe you are unwilling to learn just by acquiring knowledge and skills.

• It is difficult to work on what you are not interested in.
• It tends to be boring to read or listen to what is oneway.


Launch your project or join a project, and carry it out to improve your knowledge and skills.

• Grasp the up-to-date knowledge and think about what you want / need.
• Improve your knowledge and skills through creating projects and fieldwork for new discoveries.
• Make a reflection of what you have learned.
• Then, think about a better way for learning.


  1. Iba, T., & Sakamoto, M. (2011). Learning patterns III: a pattern language for creative learning. In Proceedings of the 18th Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (PLoP 2011) (p. 29). New York:ACM.