Data:ASSISTments 2012-2013 problem-student level

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ASSISTments 2012-2013 problem-student level
Source ASSISTments
# of Features 64
# of Instances 5,801,073
Data analysis Student affect and interaction behavior in ASSISTments
Access by request

Data was collected from students using the ASSISTments online learning system between September, 2012 to September, 2013. Students engaged in various learning activities such as in-class exercises and homework. The data contains 5,801,073 instances with 64 features that summarizes student learning behavior while answering a single problem in ASSISTments. The time duration wherein students answer a single problem varies so most features are aggregated using functions such as min, max or average. Students answer problems in sequence, so it is likely that problems would have answered other problems previously and after it.


Feature name Data type Description
first_attempt integer
skill_occurrence bigint
template_occurrence bigint
sequence_index bigint
max_hints integer
max_scaffolds integer
actions text
tutor_strategy_id integer
problem_log_id integer
skill character varying(255)
problem_id integer
user_id integer
assignment_id integer
assistment_id integer
start_time character varying(255)
end_time character varying(255)
problem_type character varying(255)
openresponse character varying(255)
original integer
correct double precision
bottom_hint integer
hint_count integer
attempt_count integer
ms_first_response integer
tutor_mode character varying(255)
sequence_id integer
student_class_id integer
position integer
type character varying(255)
base_sequence_id integer
skill_id integer
teacher_id integer
school_id integer
overlap_time integer
template_id integer
answer_id integer
answer_text text
first_action integer
school_home character varying(255)
dayofweek integer
problem_body text
image character varying(255)
bugmessage text
average_confidence_frustrated double precision
average_confidence_confused double precision
average_confidence_concentrating double precision
average_confidence_bored double precision
feedback_type character varying(255)
scaffolded integer
id integer
confidence_concentrating double precision
confidence_bored double precision
confidence_confused double precision
confidence_frustrated double precision
confidence_gaming double precision
prediction_concentrating text
prediction_bored text
prediction_confused text
prediction_frustrated text
prediction_gaming text
l0 double precision
g double precision
s double precision
t double precision