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Tornado of Learning
Contributors Takashi Iba, Toko Miyake, Miyuko Naruse, Natsumi Yotsumoto
Last modification May 17, 2017
Source Iba, Miyake, Naruse & Yotsumoto (2009)[1]; Iba (2010)[2]
Pattern formats OPR Alexandrian
Learning domain

Learn like 'tornado' in which you take knowledge, rather than merely absorbing water into a sponge.
Tornado of Learning-OG.png

When you are studying

When you are reading a book

When you are making research

When you want to do something in your own way


You can just accumulate knowledge, but cannot learn to deepen your critical mind and interests.

• Human don't percept all information in the world but do a part selectively.
• People tend to be bored with reading or listening that is one-way.
• Since lectures and books don't give the exact knowledge for each learner, they have to look for the connection with their own interests.
• People can understand a new thing deeply when it is connected with the knowledge they have already had.

Grab knowledge in connection with your interest like 'tornado' of learning.

• First, think about what your interest is. That will be the origin of “tornado of learning”.
• Choose classes or books, comparing with your interest. You can have some interests at this point.
• Do NOT just stay there and receive information. Be aggressive to grab it. When you take notes and read books, focus on what you think important.
• Do NOT just store the given knowledge. Mix them up and find connections among the knowledge. Write your ideas on notebooks or books as you are reading

A piece of information becomes a piece of related information. That helps you grasp a total comprehension. You can improve a sense of catching information.


Mikio is interested in social simulation, so he took classes about not only programming but also sociology or philosophy. But he hardly understands deeply about all of them. He thought that was not so good, so he decided to make efforts to learn new things with checking and comparing with his interest.

After that, he became able to “grab” new information with connecting his own knowledge. This led him manage to see a phenomena from many aspects, and it is good for his skill for making a model of social simulation.


People bring themselves to study hard to acquire the knowledge in need. That is because people collect information voluntary to achieve your goal, and relate it with other knowledge for effective use. Output-Driven Learning (Output-Driven Learning) is one of the practical activities based on this pattern. Also, it is important for Tornado of Learning (Tornado of Learning) to choose a theme that you have Passion for Research (Passion for Research). Asking someone to be taught makes you a Good Learner (Good Learner).


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