Data-driven Design Pattern Development (3DPD) Workshop @ PLoP 2014

July 8, 2014 5:05 PM

Peter Scupelli and Paul Inventado facilitated the Data-driven Design Pattern Development (3DPD) Workshop which was  held in conjunction with the 21st Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs (PLOP 2014).


Workshop description: Increasingly, outside of the design pattern community, big data is being used to validate design decisions. For example, A/B testing and simple randomized experiments with two variants are used to validate design decisions in online settings such as web-design, social media, and so forth. Likewise in online math tutor systems, data driven approaches are used to identify math problems that confuse and frustrate students or are linked to positive learning outcomes. Big data and measurable outcomes can help to identify problems and confirm high quality solutions. Design patterns provide a very effective way to describe known design problems and design solutions. In this workshop, we propose to explore the role of data driven processes in the development of design patterns such that data-driven exploration may help authors uncover problems and high-quality solutions. In the workshop, we explore domains where data-driven approaches may be appropriate to develop design patterns, methodologies for collecting data, techniques for pre-processing data, approaches for analyzing data and utilizing its results to facilitate the design pattern development process. Participants will have the opportunity to experience the data-driven design pattern development approach through group discussions and simulations.


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