Online learning system pattern repository

Peter Scupelli and Paul Inventado

Many students benefit from online learning systems each year. However, it is not easy to ensure the design quality of these systems due to their complexity. In this research, we explore the use of the data-driven design pattern production (3D2) methodology to address this problem. Specifically, the 3D2P methodology uses learning analytics and educational data mining to help uncover relationships between student learning outcomes and system designs. Designs that lead to better learning can be formalized into design patterns, which stakeholders can use to guide them in upgrading the online learning system’s components, and adding new content. The approach is further extended into an open, collaborative framework, which allows stakeholders to collaborate in the production of design patterns. A collaborative effort can speed up the pattern production process, improve the quality of the design patterns produced, share benefits among all members, and ultimately, elevate the standards of online learning system development.

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Inventado, P. S. and Scupelli, P. (2015). Towards an open, collaborative repository for online learning system design patterns. eLearning Papers, 42(Design Patterns for Open Online Teaching):14-27.