Poster presentation @ Learning with MOOCs II – 2015

October 16, 2015 8:29 PM

Paul Inventado and Peter Scupelli presented “Addressing MOOCs’ Sustainability Issues Using Data-driven Design Pattern Production” at Learning with MOOCs II – 2015.


Despite the popularity of MOOCs, some higher education institutions have started moving away from it. Academic leaders seem to be less convinced of MOOCs’ sustainability. Four challenges need to be addressed to improve MOOC sustainability: (a) representing and communicating MOOCs best practices, (b) evaluating MOOC quality, (c) testing, validating, and refining MOOC designs, and (d) fostering research and collaboration around MOOCs. The data-driven design pattern production (3D2P) framework discussed here, can be used to address these four issues and can lead to the development of more sustainable MOOCs.

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