Georgia Tech Invited Lecture

March 11, 2019 3:22 PM

Peter Scupelli gave a talk titled “Teaching to Future – Tradeoffs Between Flipped Classroom and Design Course Pedagogies.” at the Georgia Tech School of Interactive Computing in the College of Computing.

In the 21st century, change is exponential. Products and services are designed and developed faster, and their shelf-life disrupted by a constant flow of new offerings. Thus, design for the 21st century requires different skills and design educators are challenged to teach new skills within an already packed curriculum. How might design educators revolutionize teaching and learning to rise to 21st-century challenges? In this talk, I’ll compare two versions of a futures studies course developed for design students. Specifically I’ll describe tradeoffs between course design decisions for flipped pedagogy and design studio pedagogy measured with faculty course evaluations as outcomes, and speculate on how reflective practices were associated with described transfer activities. I will also describe changes made to the courses and provide key insights on applying flipped pedagogy to design courses.

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