Teaching Interaction Design in Physical, Digital, and Hybrid Environments @ Interaction Design Education Summit 2016

February 29, 2016 5:45 PM

Peter Scupelli and Austin Lee gave a talk on “Teaching Interaction Design in Physical, Digital, and Hybrid Environments” at the Interaction Design Education Summit 2016, interaction16 (IXDA) Conference in Helsinki, Finland.


Over the past two decades, new technologies shifted what Interaction Design (IxD) students need to learn for professional practice. In the mid-nineties, IxD education covered interface design and web design to the plethora of topics currently explored today, such as, sensor networks, smart environments, smart cities, Internet of Things, Augmented Reality Interfaces, and so forth.

To keep IxD university programs relevant, educators seek new ways for students to learn to design in emergent areas such as: larger scale environments (e.g., smart environments, Internet of Things, augmented reality interfaces). New technologies and design opportunities often require new design and prototyping methods.

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