New publication in eLearning Papers #42

June 15, 2015 7:56 PM

Paul Salvador Inventado and Peter Scupelli’s paper entitled “Towards an open, collaborative repository for online learning system design patterns” has been published in eLearning Papers #42.


Design patterns are high quality solutions to known problems in a specific context that guide design decisions. Typically, design patterns are mined and evaluated through four methods: expert knowledge, artifact analysis, social observations, and workshops. For example, experts discuss: knowledge, interpretations of artifacts, social patterns, and clarity of patterns. In this paper, we introduce a fifth method, a data-driven design pattern production (3D2P) method to produce design patterns and conduct randomized controlled trials as a means to evaluate applied design patterns. We illustrate the 3D2P method in the context of online learning systems (OLSs) that are difficult to create, update and maintain. To overcome such challenges, we propose an open repository for OLS design patterns, evaluation data, and implementation examples. On the repository, researchers can collaborate in the six stages of the pattern lifecycle (i.e., prospecting, mining, writing, evaluation, application, applied evaluation). The repository provides five benefits: researchers from different backgrounds can (a) collaborate on design pattern production; (b) perform distributed tasks in parallel; (c) share results for mutual benefit; (d) test patterns across varied systems and domains to explore pattern generalizability and robustness; and (e) promote design patterns to elevate OLS quality.

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