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Release of Thought
Contributors Takashi Iba, Toko Miyake, Miyuko Naruse, Natsumi Yotsumoto
Last modification June 6, 2017
Source Iba, Miyake, Naruse & Yotsumoto (2009)[1]; Iba (2010)[2]
Pattern formats OPR Alexandrian
Learning domain

Talking about your idea is getting a chance of reflection.
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When you are making research

When you are studying

When you are at a dead end

When you have no idea what to do

When you are writing a paper


You cannot organize or improve your vague ideas for yourself.

• It is difficult to explain a subject what a person doesn't understand.
• It is difficult to understand the story that is not organized logically.
• People need to organize their idea to make other people understand.
• People often can't notice their lack of understanding.
• Finding what we don‟t understand is good way to know what we should understand next.

Talk with somebody and sophisticate your thought, looking his/her reaction carefully.

• Find someone who would listen your thoughts and talk what you think.
• If he/she can't understand your idea, explain and rephrase it. If the person seems to have an interest in your thoughts, try to explain that part more.
• Reflect on the good things and the bad things about your presentation.
• Try to tell your thoughts to other people. Keep trying to express your thoughts attractively.

You can organize your ideas when you choose words to explain your thought. Your ideas will be polished in the process of talking.


Tenshin thought of himself as a professional of Social System Theory. One day, one of his friends asked about Social System Theory to him, and he answered to that question. Tenshin thought his answer was perfect, but his friend didn't seem to understand. Tenshin realized his understanding was not enough, and some parts of understanding were vague.

So Tenshin tried to organize his understanding again, and explained to someone about Social System Theory again and again. This leaded him to get refined his ability to explain and understand Social System Theory more deeply.


Talking about your unclear thoughts can be considered Prototyping (Iba and Sakamoto) (Prototyping (Iba and Sakamoto)) of thoughts. Doing “trial and error” is effective for your Attractive Expression (Attractive Expression). Furthermore, making Community of Learning (Community of Learning) brings more chances to Release of Thought (Release of Thought). Release of Thought (Release of Thought) is also key nature of Learning by Teaching (Learning by Teaching).


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