Peter Scupelli  |  School of Design

Peter Scupelli is an Assistant Professor in the School of Design at Carnegie Mellon University. His teaching and research focus on shaping human behavior through design. He researches how human behavior, information technology, and the physical environment, support studio learning, coordination in high-reliability organizations, and sustainable behavior choices. Peter’s training and career path link architecture, interaction design, and human-computer interaction research. He holds a PhD in Human-Computer Interaction, M.Des. in Interaction Design, and an undergraduate Architecture degree.


Jodi Forlizzi  |  HCII and School of Design

My theoretical work seeks to build the discipline of interaction design, and to help the community at large generate tools, methods, and processes for its practice. My interaction design practice brings theoretical ideas into action and the creation of a range of tools, products and experiences. Each of these efforts represents a step forward in defining the discipline of interaction design and design research.


Jessica Hammer  |  HCII and ETC

I study the psychology of games, focusing on the way specific game design decisions affect how players think and feel. I also help design games that change people’s lives for the better. I study how games can change the way people think, feel, and behave; my other research interests include creativity, gender, mobile technologies, and community design.


Steven Dow  |  HCII

Steven dow conducts research on HCI, social computing, design education, and prototyping methods. He directs the Protolab group which conducts research on collective innovation with the goal of developing tools, processes, and instructional techniques that change the way people solve complex problems creatively and collaboratively.


Michael Christel  |  ETC

I have worked with multimedia information processing, multimedia interface design, and multimedia interface evaluation for the past 27 years, concentrating on “multimedia” as digital video and the purpose of multimedia as information communication. I am a member of CMU’s Human-Computer Interaction Institute, and use HCI methods to investigate the effectiveness of surrogates and information visualization schemes for video.


Aisling Kelliher  |  School of Design

Aisling creates and studies interactive media systems for enhancing reflection, learning and communication. Her work is grounded within the fields of human-computer-interaction, multimedia, and interaction design, and is motivated by a desire to carefully integrate computational processes into our everyday mediated experiences.


Diana Sun  |  Industrial Design student

An avid believer of learning by doing, I’m constantly looking for opportunities to apply user centered design in both the physical and virtual world. I want to design experiences that improve the quality of everyday life and facilitate better social interactions. I hope my research will aid students and teachers in finding effective ways to improve their design critiques.


Jackie Kang  |  Communications Design student

I enjoy working with people, so I actively look for projects that involve social interactions. Through design, I would like to communicate the unnoticed things in today’s society, and see how people interact with each other through social media, as well as other means.