Critique Preparation for Critics

Critic Before

1) Decide What is Being Critiqued

  • Artifact, Design Problem, Process, Research, etc?
  • What kind of critique would be most effective?
  • What design phase should the artifact be in?
2) Who Will Participate?

  • Will participants include peers, guests, teacher, etc?
  • Do you know the individual history, design background, and expertise of the Presenter(s)?
  • What unique value you bring to the critique?
  • Have you communicated any necessary info to the Presenter before the critique?
3) Timing of the Critique

  • Critique duration?
  • Time allotted for presentation vs. questions?
  • What does the Presenter need to convey in that time?
4) Why Are You Having This Critique

  • What learning goals have you set for the Presenter?
  • What issues might require you to help the Presenter think critically? Ex: Systems perspective, Unintended consequences, etc.
  • If applicable, have a list of questions or guidelines relevant to the goals of the critique.
5) Plan for the Day of Critique

  • When and where is the critique?
  • Review their work prior to critique session (if you can)
  • Be invested in the Presenter’s potential



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