Critique Preparation for Facilitator

Facilitator Beforee

1) Decide What is Being Critiqued

  • Artifact, Design Problem, Process, Research, etc?
  • What kind of critique would be most effective?
  • What design phase should the artifact be in?


2) Who’s in the Critique?

  • Will participants include students, guest Critics, etc?
  • Do you know the individual history, expertise, and design background of the Presenter(s) and Critic(s)?
  • Have you communicated any necessary info to the Presenter(s) and Critic(s) before the critique?
  • Meet with students beforehand if needed
  • Invite Critics with different areas of expertise Ex: Engineering, Marketing, etc


3) Timing of the Critique

  • Critique duration? (Keep them short)
  • Time allotted for presentation vs. questions?
  • Notify Presenter(s) and Critic(s) of the time allotted per Presentation and Q&A session


4) Make Sure Everyone Knows the Critique Process

  • Do the Presenter(s) and Critic(s) know their roles and how to give or receive good criticism?
  • Remind them of the Critique Process:
  1. Critic(s) say what Presenter’s work does well
  2. Presenter asks questions
  3. Critic(s) ask neutral questions
  4. Critic(s) give permissioned opinions
  5. Critic(s) ends with a positive statement


5) Make Sure You Know How to Intervene

  • What will you say if Critics give opinions in their statements of meaning? What will you say if Critics go off-topic? Etc. Ex: “I’m going to interrupt for a second. We will have time for permissioned opinions later. For now, try to focus on what is compelling about the work”
  • You may give Critics a template for opinions


6) Why Are You Having This Critique?

  • What learning goals have you set for the Presenter(s) and Critic(s) for this session?
  • What questions can you ask to guide the group?



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