During Critique for Facilitator

Facilitator During

1) Start the Critique

  • Welcome all participants
  • State the order of Presenters, critique process, and the rules of engagement
  • Ask if the Presenter wants someone to take notes for them during their presentation


2) Facilitate Statements of Meaning for Critics

  • Make sure Critics say what they specifically thought was good or meaningful in the Presenter’s work


3) Guide Presenter and Critic(s) During Presenter’s Questions

  • Make sure Presenter asks questions about their work that are specific to problems they’re facing
  • If feedback isn’t helpful, ask Presenter to ask more general or specific questions, or talk about their thinking process
  • Intervene when Critics are off-topic, asking them whether the comments are relevant to the project or critique session
  • Encourage honest & specific responses from Critics


4) Guide Presenter and Critic(s) During Critic’s Questions

  • Make sure Critics ask neutral questions. Intervene when neutral questions include opinions, and ask the critic to rephrase the question
  • If there are some students who aren’t actively participating, don’t be afraid to ask directly ask them for their input


5) Guide Consented Opinions from Critic(s)

  • Intervene when Critics don’t ask for permission before expressing opinions
  • If opinions are based on unarticulated personal preferences, ask Critics to rephrase the opinions based on project goals or user needs
  • Intervene when Critics engage in dialogue without the Presenter
  • Make sure Critics end opinions with a positive statement


6) Ask Presenter to State Their Next Steps

  • If the critique was helpful, the Presenter should have an idea of how to move forward with their work.


7) Keep the Students On Task

  • If people are dozing off, ask everyone to stand and then continue with the critique
  • Keep track of time and help transition between Presenters


8) Thank All Participants

  • Ex: “Great! Thanks to everyone that gave suggestions to (Presenter Name).”



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