Critique Preparation for Presenters

Critic Before

1) Decide What is Being Critiqued

  • Artifact, Design Problem, Process, Research, etc?
  • What design phase is the critique intended for?


2) What Type of Critique Is It?

  • Live feedback or Delayed feedback? In-person or online?
  • Pin Up Artifact, Projector, Monitor, Online, etc?


3) What Do You Need to Bring to the Critique?

  • What deliverables are you asked to bring? Ex: Poster, sketches, prototypes, etc.
  • Give yourself adequate time to finish your deliverables. Ex: Time needed to print, Test colors on the monitor, Upload deadline, etc.


4) Who’s in the Critique?

  • Will participants include peers, guests, teacher, etc?
  • Do you know the individual history, design background, and expertise of your Critic(s)? Think about what can they help you with.
  • Based on the audience, how do you effectively communicate your artifact?


5) Timing of the Critique

  • Critique duration?
  • Time allotted for presentation vs. questions?
  • Know key points and info hierarchy of your presentation based on time constraints


6) What Do You Hope to Get Out of This Critique?

  • What design phase is your artifact in and are you progressing the way you want?
  • Have specific questions / comments for the audience about your issues
  • Prioritize questions based on time constraints
  • Notify your audience of anything you don’t want critique on at this time


7) Plan for the Day of Critique

  • When and where is the critique?
  • When do you need to get up? Where do you need go before class? etc.
  • For group critiques, make sure your work is done before the critique session begins
  • For desk critiques, keep working until the Critic approaches
  • For online critiques, stay on task (pay attention!)



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